Cool Play of the Week (7): Shift to West Right 97 Waco Y Wheel Throwback “Oh Sh*t” OJ Howard 33yd TD – Oh Coacher!

Cool Play of the Week (7): Shift to West Right 97 Waco Y Wheel Throwback “Oh Sh*t” OJ Howard 33yd TD

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The Buccaneers ran one of my favorite plays of all time, “Oh Sh*t”. I wanted to do diagram of how it worked so well so I hope you enjoy it. If there is anything you would like more talked about or if I didn’t make sense let me know and I will do my best to help.

This is one of my favorite plays ever. First time I ran this play was during scout team where all we called it was “Oh Sht” . It is called that because 1 player gets lost, often the Y tight end, and when the defense finally recognizes they lost a player they all turn and yell “Oh Sht!”. It was always a fun play to run in practice and the defense never covered it. Perfect in the red zone.

This play is a wrinkle on the often run Bootleg. In our offense we had 2 called Whiskey and Waco. They are just different route combinations on the same action: Offensive line and RB run fake outside zone and the QB bootlegs the other way. Normally its all traffic flowing back to where the QB is running to. On “Oh Sh*t” you take advantage of the monotony of seeing bootlegs over and over and have a guy escape out the backside for an easy touchdown.

In the picture you will see the different responsibilities for the players. Before this play occurs there is a Shift and a motion by the F/U. He starts out in a normal fullback position, then shifts to weak off ball TE left, then motions over to his final spot in west behind the Y TE. Why this is important is I believe the LBs are in man. At start the MIKE probably has RB unless FB goes to his left but on the shift he probably exchanges responsibilities with the WILL but then on the final motion he is supposed to go man on the Y. So to recap, starts on F/U, then to RB on shift, then lastly to Y on motion. This is all part of the plan to get the Y lost in all the garbage happening: presnap up until the very end.

The X runs a really slow over. This to try and attract as many eyeballs as possible to his route. Want to get everyone to really follow him has its one of the top routes to throw on a normal bootleg.

The key is the Y running super flat down the line. He needs to act like he is a blocker for as long as possible. OJ runs this perfectly blending into offensive line.

Offensive line does a great job of keeping most men on the line of scrimmage. They know the launch point is a pull up so they need to stop the fake.

QB pulls up finds the perfectly executed throw to an all alone OJ Howard.

There are 3 people staring right at the over route. I believe either the corner shouldn’t have followed across the field, the Safety maintaining the deep half. Most importantly the MIKE should have stayed man on the Y throughout the play

This is the look that is supposed to end up with. You can see the MIKE has his eyes still in the backfield, his positioning with nothing to do with the Y and has no real interest in the pass. Just wants to shut down the run game. If you watch the shift and the zone in the gif you can see eyes changing and rotation down by the SAM. MIKE never changes.

MIKE eyes still go to the QB on the bootleg. He bails out .

The WILL 57 comes down hill for the RB. He is running down hill on the run fake. If he is supposed to have a zone he has no way to recover to get back to it.

Corner follows the over all the way. I do not know if he is supposed to but i know for sure him and the Safety arent supposed to be covering the same guy or in nearly the exact same spot. One of them has to be wrong.

QB sells the fake extremely well. Doesnt turn his head until the last second. Gets every DB committed to the normal bootleg action. and follows the slow over.

OJ runs the perfect wheel on the throwback and gets wide open. Commits to the fake and has the speed to have great exit velocity once the fake is over. I think he ran a similar play for a touchdown in both national championships he was in. Hard to cover him on a wheel route.

Thanks for reading about this play “Oh Sht” . I hope you will see this play and do what I do (even in public places) and scream “OH SHt!!!!!!” when it happens. Such a fun play

(P.S.) I am not fully convinced about Winston as a top guy in the NFL but he takes a massive hit here. He can clearly take a hit and loves football and that is one of the most important keys to success at anything.


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