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Cool Play of the Week (10): Big Green Right West V motion Explode to Viking Left RB Fly 97 Waco

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Big Green Right West V motion Explode to Viking Left RB Fly 97 Waco Y Whip

I am back again with another cool play. This one reminded my a lot of my old days as we abused shifts and motions almost to a fault. It became super hard to balance using trickery and making it difficult to actually identify the defense. I wanted to bring this play up for multiple reasons as it utilizes some unique shifts and motions but also that it resembles a 2pt play instead of a true 1st and goal play. By this I mean I believe they actually pulled this off their call sheet from the 2pt play sheet not just their goal line call sheet area. This is important because teams often go into games with only 2 unique 2pt conversion plays that they believe are near automatics to score. When people talk about stats on who teams should go for 2 more I believe these “automatics” screw up the numbers because you don’t have 50 of these plays per week, so the more you run the worse you will be at it. Would love to go through some discussion about this in the comments.

Also I changed up the formatting a little bit and it took me a little bit longer. Let me know if you like this better or not. Just want to make best possible content I can for you guys.

EDIT Thanks to user /u/skepticismissurvival he informed me that this was another layer on top of a previously used goal line play. Against the Browns they handed off the fly sweep and the Y does go all the way to the other side. This adds to the panic of the MIKE and SAM because they think they have seen this before. Thanks again for helping me out fellas. Here is the GIF of the play:

Vikings TD vs Browns Similar shift and motion


  • Big People personnel and show traditional goal line formation
  • Motion out and find its man coverage
  • Shift to confuse LBs and defense on who to cover and follow
  • Fly Sweep with RB to bring eyes and flow of the play away from primary target
  • Zig motion and fake block by Y for easy touchdown

Thanks to /u/Booshea for pointing this out to me

EDIT 2 PAT SHURMUR AT IT AGAIN!! Week 11 we saw the third iteration of what will now just call “Explode” package (get your jokes in while you can). This time it was not used on the GL but instead in a SY situation. Also from my viewing I do not believe anyone was fooled on defense. I think having the FB motion out was confusing in the previous times it was run. The best advantage you got from the play was that the Line was able to run “Wedge” style where everyone just blocks their inside gap. Most often seen on QB sneaks. The Fly sweep held the backside edge defender well enough to where you weren’t wasting a blocker outside. IDK if this would even have an affect on the play but its a nice thought. No LBS flowed with RB and no one was faked out by the pirouette of the Y. THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOD NEWS for Vikings fans. Your coordinator has proven capable of making schematic advantages for the offense, that’s good. But in the playoffs the game is often just won by the players making plays, you can only hurt your team in a lot of ways. We saw both OC’s in the superbowl call terrible second halves but players on the NE side were able to make some big plays when needed.

This play may seem insignificant but your OL won this battle in Week 11 1st quarter…but against Aaron Donald. This should give confidence in not just your ability to scheme up a good play but also know Pat Elflein and the boys in the middle can win when called upon. Anyways heres the play:

Explode to Viking Left FB Dive


-Big People personnel and show traditional goal line formation

-Motion out and find its man coverage

-Shift to confuse LBs and defense on who to cover and follow

-Fly Sweep with RB to bring eyes and flow of the play away from primary target

-Zig motion and fake block by Y for easy touchdown

TV Copy with Sound

Full Breakdown Vid

Like I will try to do each week we will start off with the TV copy to see what the play looked like in real time. Its 1st and goal from the 1 and the clock is rolling. Vikings have all 3 timeouts but they choose not to use it. They rush up to the ball and run a play that is more like 2pt conversion than a normal goal line play. 2 motions and a shift all involved just to run a play that is installed in the playbook week 1. 2pt plays are often very specific types of trick plays to confuse the defense like this.

It is this combination of 2pt type play, and overall creativity presnap that made me want to break down this play.

First Motion

First motion David Morgan TD Lets dive deeper into how we come up with the name of the play and overall responsibilities.

Big (forgot on picture)= Closed backside by TE Green=FB behind QB with RB behind him Right=Y go to the Right West=V in west position off ball

V motion=Motion outside Explode to Viking = Y Zig motion, RB to Right Slot, FB to Left West

Explode is the word used to describe tons of people moving around in different directions. you can do different things to get to the final position and that’s why its “TO” something. Another big difference between a motion and a shift is a shift you always ending up in another formation

Viking is the name i gave the unique formation they used on this play. It could be something like Empty Big West Left Slot but they probably never use this formation again. Better off just giving it a random one word name as this is probably a non repeater.

RB Fly=Fly sweep motion, run through the mesh point 97 Waco=Fake outside zone left bootleg out right

FINALLY we get to the play. And its one of the most basic ones. It swaps out the fake to the RB from the 9 position (basic line up under center spot, where he starts in the clip) and uses fly sweep action to get the similar eye candy for LBs.

The first motion is a basic tell. Often teams will motion the V (third TE) out and get 1 on 1 to run a fade. here we have the corner go out with him. Sometimes this is the match up you want with Kyle “Big Country” Rudolph out there vs a smaller Josh Norman but that can be used later, we gotta do more window dressing.

Explode to Viking Left

Here is the explode shift. Y acts like hes shifting across the formation but he “Zigs” back to his original location. With high stakes of end of half, rushing the ball, and it being on the one people are scatter brained on defense. They are trying to keep track of who they have man and they lose track.

At the start the MIKE has the RB but when he motions out he knows the SAM is supposed to take him. The SAM gets caught up in the Y zig and then his eyes are taken to the F going into West Left. MIKE yells at SAM and is pointing to the Y screaming “WHO’s HERE , WHO’s HERE!?!?!” . But like all jobs MIKE needs to do his and he stays concentrated on the RB going into the slot. That has his guy originally and he can’t get yelled at if he does “his job”… Also its better to cover the rb then the 3rd TE…

What needs to happen here is communicate better. MIKE needs to physically grab SAM as he is trying to come across the formation. Dude is clearly lost and needs help. Who cares what it looks like just get everyone right.

Fly Sweep into Touchdown

Final wrinkle is the fly motion. Lots of teams have been utilizing this on the 1 yard line/goal line situations and it draws everyone’s eyes. Teams are looking not at just their opponents games but games across the league as well. Vikings know this and use it to their advantage. So many players from the Redskins are out of position.
Y does a good job still selling the block before he Whips out to the flat. QB has to just beat 1 man and get the ball over Kerrigans the DE hands.

This play was over right at the explode to shift. It got the main LBS confused and they were running around with their heads cut off. My big takeaway here is that teammates need to hold each other accountable and make it a big deal to be in the right spots. It’s not enough to just point it out, you have to get everyone right.


-Big People personnel and show traditional goal line formation

-Motion out and find its man coverage

-Shift to confuse LBs and defense on who to cover and follow

-Fly Sweep with RB to bring eyes and flow of the play away from primary target

-Zig motion and fake block by Y for easy touchdown

Cool Play of the Week (9): Gun Split Right Swap F Motion Sprint Draw Left Adoree Jackson 20yd Run

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Gun Split Right Swap F Motion Sprint Draw Left

I am back with another play breakdown. This one isn’t a long touchdown run but it is a cool play to get a unique player the ball in his hands. I hope you enjoy the breakdown and I look forward to hopefully bringing you some video content tomorrow. Let me know what you think!

I hope you all enjoyed this: here is the TL;DR:

-Early play first drive scripted to get a special player the ball

-Window dressing with the motion and fake sprint out to get the block on the SAM

-Simple Draw blocking up front but executed perfectly

-Got AJack on a Safety, just like you drew it up….go make someone miss

TV Copy Gif

Added a TV copy to give you a quick glimpse of what I see on Red Zone that peaks my interest (Also this quality image is so much better haha). I was wondering who the little guy in the backfield was and then realize its Jackson so it must have been something cool and tricky. It should be a tip off to the Defense when 25 is in there that something wild is happening, and hes getting the ball.

This was another one of my favorites we ran, we also used it as an opportunity to get a special player the ball. You have to teach the play on its own so might as well let someone unique get it. Lets dive deeper into this play

Sideline Gif

Sideline Pre-Snap

This play does not use the normal west coast naming nomenclature (i.e 96 power king, Hound 2 Double Go etc.). It is a “Special” (trick play) which are often just a word to tell you everything. The key is being in the Gun so it tells the back to do a little different ball handling and footwork. The A-Back, Jackson, fakes the sprint out right like they are running Q8 and then winds back to the QB to take the Draw to turn up the middle.

The offensive line treats the play like the pass play Key protection (4 down and MIKE). If there were a blitz or twists by the Defense line would sort it out just like they were running key protection. On top of this the OLine can further the fake of pass with all the normal line calls on a pass play. Defenses definitely know the basics of line calls and it tips them off, on screens and draws use that to your advantage.

Anecdote incoming I played with a guy on the DLine that was so good at learning the offensive lines calls that he would come back after the first series and the coach would hand him the white board and he would explain to everyone what the calls were. He would have pass, run, combinations, and snap count all down by the end of the first.

The hardest blocks are the Z on the SAM, the B-Back on the WILL, and the Center on the MIKE. Staying square and handing LBS in space is harder than it looks with 7 Refs and 100 cameras on the field.

Sideline Mid Play

Off the play fake neither MIKE or WILL flinches. The OLine is still selling the pass and the MIKE is about to start a drop. Center has a 2 count before he runs up to the MIKE to try to either chase RB if in man coverage or Drop into his Zone and make the block easier.

Decker takes a poor angle to get to the SAM. This is a big mismatch on the play and he has the hardest angle. Thankfully the SAM bites on the sprint draw fake.

Offensive Line does draw blocking. Block pass pro for a 2 count and then you block the up-field (Inside) shoulder of the DLineman. Let the DL dictate where he wants to go then attack block after a 2 count. The RBs sort off of the line, creating gaps in an unorthodox way.

End Zone Gif

End Zone Pre-Snap

This gives you a better view of how good this look is. Middle of the defense is pretty open, both safeties are beyond 11 yards. 2nd and 8 and no TEs makes the D think its going deep. Its really a 6 man box with the Sam Walked out. He is pointing to the F in motion and that is just a little window dressing to get his attention.
Another key to the play IMO is that it is much better to run it with a 3 tech away from the play call. It gives a clearer box and gets a guy out of the middle.

Left guard has a rough job here, he wants to set a little inside so the DT will jump outside. You can just let him go inside and drive him, but its much cleaner if he goes outside. the B Back, Murray will adjust. Being in teh gun gives him this advantage as well as not having a TE or a Tackle do it. You can run this where the Tackle sets then punches his man up the field, It will give the RB to be an extra guy on the Safety for a Touchdown block.

End Zone Mid Play

MIKE is starting his drop, perfect for the center to get up to him and able to square him up.
SAM gets faked out on the sprint out action. He has had a lot thrown at him, motion by the F catches his attention, then Jackson sprints out and he knows hes gotta match his speed, and now he is gonna get cracked by Decker. He is having sensory overload right now and just needs to play his game. Its like for all of us at work when janice from accounting wants to discuss her sons flag football exploits just because you wore a steelers hat to work one day. You just want to get your spreadsheets done and not talk about little timmy not getting to play QB even though he has a great arm and throws with his step dad daryl every weekend…Rant over…sorry its late…

Murray does a great job to adjust his track. He didnt get paid all that money to block like this but its telling for a veteran to do this well on this kind of play. Possibly the best single game performance I ever saw was Murray at his freshman Spring game at Oklahoma, was destroying first team defense.

Mariota then continues out the ball handling and sprints over to the mesh point at the hash

End zone End PLay

This is the perfect look for Jackson. Everyone is squared up and good blocking position. The goal was accomplished by the coaches to get your best play maker with the ball in his hands. He needs to be able to beat the safety and take it to the house but Cover 2 is top down and designed to limit long plays like this.

I called Decker the F here, sorry about that, pics are acting up

I hope you all enjoyed this: here is the TL;DR:

-Early play first drive scripted to get a special player the ball -Window dressing with the motion and fake sprint out to get the block on the SAM -Simple Draw blocking up front but executed perfectly -Got AJack on a Safety, just like you drew it up….go make someone miss

Cool Play of the Week (8): Gun Double “Pass Play” Kill 96 Cross Melvin Gordon 87yd TD

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Gun Double Right “Pass Play” Kill 96 Cross

I put together a cool play of the week for plays I find interesting while watching the Redzone on Sundays. The Chargers ran an awesome play that is pretty basic but against one of the weirder defenses and to great success. The Chargers out schemed and outperformed the Pats on this play and that is definitely something to hang their hat on. Lots of people see the defense of the Pats being last and thinking its just the players but here your coaches won the battle against Patricia…thats something to look forward to. If you have any questions or complaints please let me know! I really like this concept of a defense to trick the other team because it looks so funky, reminds me of these drastic shifts we saw in the world series. It hinges on the health of Hightower and we have seen the Marsh experiment fail before (see Kareem Hunt TD week 1). I used a new program to do these diagrams and I am still a novice so it may be worse than before. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and I will consider everything, just want to make good content for you all.

If you want the answers before the test here is the


Pats line up in unique 4-2-5 with MIKE on the Ball VICED on TE

Chargers change to a play to exploit both LB spacing and DL spacing

Blocking up front is near perfect and the TE does an awesome job from start to finish

Pats are missing Hightower who they built this unique defense around

Gun Double Right “Pass Play” Kill 96 Cross

Phil Kills/Checks to a new play Gif 

So this is probably my favorite play i have diagrammed so far this season strictly because it involves one of my favorite aspects of offense: Audible/Kill. The difference between the 2 is in an audible its a wholly unique play you are checking to and in a Kill it was already in the play call. What Phil is doing here is he is identifying the unique look they are getting doing one of the following to get to a new play:

1 “Black Bears Cross” (Black was teams term to change the play/audible, special term to signify direction, and then the unique play call)

2 “Cronut, Cronut, Cronut!” One word code word for the new play (C to signify cross, an R to signify right…as you can tell I am hungry making this).

3 “Kill Kill Kill!” which means to go to the second play in the play call

The other aspect that makes me love this play is getting to breakdown the weird Nickel defense that Mike Patricia is running.

If you want the answers before the test here is the TL;DR:Pats line up in unique 4-2-5 with MIKE on the Ball VICED on TE Chargers change to a play to exploit both LB spacing and DL spacing Blocking up front is near perfect and the TE does an awesome job from start to finish Pats are missing Hightower who they built this unique defense around

Side Line Pre-Snap

Lets go over the defense first. I hope you can see in the diagram the 4 down lineman, the LB over the center, the LB on the Y, and the LB over the F. This is a Nickel defense and they have subbed a DL or LB body out for a DB body. As an offense it is your job to identify the 4 down and the 3 lbs / 3 down and 4 lbs and let everyone else fall into place. What Patricia does that is so cool is he puts a former DL in at what I called “MIKE”. The first time I saw this defense was opening night against the Chiefs and it was Hightower, which tipped me off this is supposed to be their MIKE. But he plays on the ball as if he were an outside LB. This will screw up a novice offense who just assumes by placements he is an outside LB (the SAM).

This does not screw up the Chargers and also exposes how important Hightower is to running this defense. IMO it can only be run with him because it puts him in such a unique position. The chargers identify its the unique look and check to a run play they believe will work against it. They get to 96 Cross. Cross is an old school concept that is now coming back due to updated outside zone rules. “Pin and Pull” is the en vogue way to refer to the unique blocking concept and you may have heard that floating around before.

Sideline Gordon TD Gif

Gordon End Zone TD Gif

End Zone Pre-Snap

Look specifically at the DL. There are 2 DL in side by side gaps, this rarely happens unless they are planning on running some sort of pass stunt. This is funky look and is great for Cross because you get the great angle on the 3 tech for the pin block and the guard to pull around. I think this could have been the unique defensive indicator to make Phil switch the play.

The other way to make this a 4 down front instead of what looks like a 3 down is because there are only 2 men past the center on the left. A true 3 man front has 3 men away from the center on both sides of the center. It always goes DT,DE,LB, so in this case we only have DT, DE even though he is standing he becomes a DE.

The hardest block is the Backside guard, but there is insurance on the front side for him by the TE. Backside guard has to track up to the backer and cut him down, since it is an outside aiming point play the guard only wants to cut down teh backer because his job is to slow him down and not make it to the play. It is easier then to try and face him up.

If he doesnt get him the TE is checking for it. Want to make sure the play gets at least 7 before trying to go get the TD block. Because the F is blocking the Nickel SAM the TE can get up for the extra man at the Safety

End Zone Mid Play

Backside guard takes a great track to the WILL. He is aiming an extra LB spot to then cut him down.

Center is able to jump the snap (beauty of being the center) and gets over a whole man to get the perfect angle on his man for outside zone.

Tackle has a great pin block so the playside guard can pull around for the Mike. Often you take what is given to you, if he really wants to maintain outside leverage, let him but just keep running him to the sideline. If the MIKE decides to take it on just “Log” the block and flip your hips to give the RB outside.

TE still has eyes on the backside block to insure it, he then will flip back out to get to the safety

RB presses the hole and has to take a flat angle. Normally out of under center the RB take a harder angle to the outside TE aiming point but its harder out of the gun. Some teams in college do ball handling behind the QB to get a better angle. Works out here because Gordon is a stud.

End Zone End Play

This is the perfect picture for Gordon. Both WR get great blocks…(pats fans cant be happy about the “giving him the business”/”Putting your bag on em” that the outside receiver is doing….It looks better in the gif cause its only a second)

The pull gets around and puts the MIKE Marsh in a really bad spot. He is now on his heels with a lineman squared up on him pushing him back. Marsh ducks inside too much on the backs track but the guard does a great job square him up and drive his feet.

TE does a great job in space and gets multiple guys. On 1 play he gets 3 people…all while making sure he the WILL doesnt scrape over the top.

And now I also see in the gif that he actually gives the MIKE some sugar to hold him for a second to give the guard time. Hunter Henry gained a big fan on this play. Does so much to make the play go.

I hope you really liked this breakdown, i tried a new software to make it better but I am still a novice at it.

Cool Play of the Week (7): Shift to West Right 97 Waco Y Wheel Throwback “Oh Sh*t” OJ Howard 33yd TD

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Shift to West Right 97 Waco Y Wheel Throwback “Oh Sh*t”

The Buccaneers ran one of my favorite plays of all time, “Oh Sh*t”. I wanted to do diagram of how it worked so well so I hope you enjoy it. If there is anything you would like more talked about or if I didn’t make sense let me know and I will do my best to help.

This is one of my favorite plays ever. First time I ran this play was during scout team where all we called it was “Oh Sht” . It is called that because 1 player gets lost, often the Y tight end, and when the defense finally recognizes they lost a player they all turn and yell “Oh Sht!”. It was always a fun play to run in practice and the defense never covered it. Perfect in the red zone.

This play is a wrinkle on the often run Bootleg. In our offense we had 2 called Whiskey and Waco. They are just different route combinations on the same action: Offensive line and RB run fake outside zone and the QB bootlegs the other way. Normally its all traffic flowing back to where the QB is running to. On “Oh Sh*t” you take advantage of the monotony of seeing bootlegs over and over and have a guy escape out the backside for an easy touchdown.

In the picture you will see the different responsibilities for the players. Before this play occurs there is a Shift and a motion by the F/U. He starts out in a normal fullback position, then shifts to weak off ball TE left, then motions over to his final spot in west behind the Y TE. Why this is important is I believe the LBs are in man. At start the MIKE probably has RB unless FB goes to his left but on the shift he probably exchanges responsibilities with the WILL but then on the final motion he is supposed to go man on the Y. So to recap, starts on F/U, then to RB on shift, then lastly to Y on motion. This is all part of the plan to get the Y lost in all the garbage happening: presnap up until the very end.

The X runs a really slow over. This to try and attract as many eyeballs as possible to his route. Want to get everyone to really follow him has its one of the top routes to throw on a normal bootleg.

The key is the Y running super flat down the line. He needs to act like he is a blocker for as long as possible. OJ runs this perfectly blending into offensive line.

Offensive line does a great job of keeping most men on the line of scrimmage. They know the launch point is a pull up so they need to stop the fake.

QB pulls up finds the perfectly executed throw to an all alone OJ Howard.

There are 3 people staring right at the over route. I believe either the corner shouldn’t have followed across the field, the Safety maintaining the deep half. Most importantly the MIKE should have stayed man on the Y throughout the play

This is the look that is supposed to end up with. You can see the MIKE has his eyes still in the backfield, his positioning with nothing to do with the Y and has no real interest in the pass. Just wants to shut down the run game. If you watch the shift and the zone in the gif you can see eyes changing and rotation down by the SAM. MIKE never changes.

MIKE eyes still go to the QB on the bootleg. He bails out .

The WILL 57 comes down hill for the RB. He is running down hill on the run fake. If he is supposed to have a zone he has no way to recover to get back to it.

Corner follows the over all the way. I do not know if he is supposed to but i know for sure him and the Safety arent supposed to be covering the same guy or in nearly the exact same spot. One of them has to be wrong.

QB sells the fake extremely well. Doesnt turn his head until the last second. Gets every DB committed to the normal bootleg action. and follows the slow over.

OJ runs the perfect wheel on the throwback and gets wide open. Commits to the fake and has the speed to have great exit velocity once the fake is over. I think he ran a similar play for a touchdown in both national championships he was in. Hard to cover him on a wheel route.

Thanks for reading about this play “Oh Sht” . I hope you will see this play and do what I do (even in public places) and scream “OH SHt!!!!!!” when it happens. Such a fun play

(P.S.) I am not fully convinced about Winston as a top guy in the NFL but he takes a massive hit here. He can clearly take a hit and loves football and that is one of the most important keys to success at anything.

Cool Play of the Week (6): Big West Left 97 Power King Derrick Henry 72yd TD

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Cool Play of the Week: Big West Left 97 Power King Derrick Henry 72yd TD Titans vs Colts Week 6

This time I am back in the run game diagramming one of my favorite plays, in my favorite personnel grouping. The Titans (Flaming Thumbtacks as I have been told by the mods) utilize the extra lineman more than any team I’ve seen this year. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. On this specific play it does exactly what they want, get someone at the point of attack in a 1:1 matchup that is normally in favor of the defense (Defensive End vs TE) and reverse it to your favor. Also formationally and situationally the play is unique because they only need 5 yards to win the game, and give the RB 2 reads, right up the gut or outside. Let me know what you think about the play and I hope you enjoy it.

You will hear “71 has reported as eligible” about 20 times throughout the game when Tennessee plays. It creates great match ups at the point of attack. It helps especially in the max protect game/7 man protections have an extra experienced blocker in. It is a unique tactic that gives a lot away personnel wise but it also puts you in a position to win more 1:1 matchups.

Here the Colts are trying to get the ball back. It’s 3rd and 5 with a little over a minute left so they could possibly get the ball back with around 20 seconds left if they stop them here (no timeouts). They have numbers in the box based on sheer personnel so they put safety help over the top of the lone WR to force the titans to run. IMO this is their first mistake, you pay Davis to win this matchup vs Decker, let him earn it. They then have an extra man, the JACK, in the 4-4. He is holding the edge defense in case Mariota pulls the ball. IMO this is bad formationally because Mariota was hobbled all night. Better to give up edge and have another guy at second level.

Power King is a Gap Scheme play. This means there are double teams where applicable. In Gap Scheme play side double teams go:

Ace: C+pG (to WILL) Deuce: pG+pT (to WILL) Trey: pT+TE1 (to WILL) Quad: TE1+TE2 (to MIKE) Super Quad: TE2+TE3 (to MIKE)

Based on where the defense lines up in the gaps, determines which lineman have the double teams.

In Gap Scheme the First double team always go to -1 the MIKE Point (identify who the center of the defense on every play), also known as the WILL. Both lineman take a backside step (in this case right foot first, play is going left) and then drive directly into the down lineman. All 4 eye of the double team are on the WILL while they move the DL vertical, or a gap minus. Guard has to have his eyes inside in case of run through or Slant across by DL.

On power king there is always a second double team outside. in regular power king this is between the TE 1 and the TE 2. But because the FB which is normally on power king is moved up to the line then the TE2 and TE 3 perform a Super Quad on Edge defender (SAM) to the MIKE

Puller has their responsibility play-side and their on Power King their aiming point is the second double team. In this case it will be a long Pull because there is a Super Quad. This is a unique play because it makes the running back have 2 choices on the play, the initial gap of play side A gap (right down the centers left butt cheek) or follow the puller to glory. it always starts playside A because sometimes the double team washes the DL so far down that it becomes wide open.

The hardest job against this defense is that the bT has to cover the B gap (his inside gap) where the Guard vacated, and the edge from making the play as it develops. Thankfully the JACK isn’t doing much as he just is containing the “sucker Pull” (tag on a play to let qb know he can pull and run bootleg. But technically the tackle needs to hunker down and control the B gap, AND block the end. The DE and JACK should probably be ashamed of themselves on this. The Center would normally come all the way back on end but because there is an extra player on the field he has to block the nose in his backside A gap.

WILL is expecting the run up the gut so he blitzes the gap. He was likely on a run blitz. I would rather have him stay stationary and scrape where needed. By running through you can hopefully make a TFL if the guard doesn’t see run through. Here he did, executed perfectly giving henry time to follow puller patiently.

The major unseen part of the play is the extra OL does his job. At TE1 he is able to gap block enough to make sure playside is sturdy and the puller can go around. Often the TE1 is at a mismatch on the 1:1 block and can knock the puller off his track.

Super Quad does a great job of being patient and influencing same to commit inside. They are then able to work him up field and get just enough on the MIKE to bow backwards and help Henry get the 5 yards needed to win the game.

Guard absolutely destroys the SUP. He is really good in space uses his speed to his advantage and is able to adjust to the fill the SUP does. Lots of times pullers get scared of being in space vs faster guys but always leverage your track and momentum to influence them.

The Super Quad does a good job stopping the SAM from penetrating the line and giving enough to bow the MIKE. They did enough to win the game.

If you remember the Free Safety being stacked over the lone WR, he is way too out of position to have any impact in stopping the RB from getting 5 yards let alone the inevitable touchdown. His angle is also rough as just one cut by Henry makes him look silly.

Formationally they were set up for greatness. But the key here is 2 personnel decisions. Having a running QB who can be a threat to pull it to hold a defender, and subbing the Extra OL in to win the 1:1 matchup at the point of attack.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let me know any ways you want me to get better and if there is something you would like looked at.

Cool play of the Week (5): 12 Front Arc Dak Prescott 11yd TD Cowboys vs Packers

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12 Front Arc Dak Prescott TD Cowboys vs Packers

m back for the second time this week with another play! This time I will be trying different formatting to rely less on Imgur for people. I will still post the album that has the same content as this post but this will hopefully give you guys a better view at the breakdown. Imgur Album at bottom of post if you prefer to see it in that form.

This play will look at the Pistol touchdown that the Cowboys scored on (although too soon). What makes this play “Cool” to me is that the Cowboys won so cleanly from the semi-unique formation they ran in “Pistol Trips Right Nub” By putting 3 receivers to the field (trips) and the Nub to the boundary (tight end attached opposite) they were able to get a really specific defensive look to nearly guarantee a touchdown. The reason why its called 12 Front Arc is:

  • 1 refers to QB run option
  • 2 refers to gap the play may hit and blocking mind set for the offensive line (2 OFTEN is lead concept vs gap or zone type)
  • Front means there is no tight end front side so fan to pressure on the line (can often push the Mike point as well)
  • Arc tells the TE to Arc block his man, gives more information to the line on their blocking assignments, and indicates the ball handling to the QB and RB

I hope this gives you more information on the anatomy of a play call with the formation. This play is even more weird because it often doesn’t go front side 2 gap (right) but it is easier to call it this way for the offensive line to make their calls.

Great 1st and Goal play to call here knowing you will get Man Coverage near the end zone. When the offense goes trips (3 wide receivers to the field) the defense will set their strength there. This gives clear indication that they are in Cover 1 with the single safety in the middle.

Also you know they have to be in man with the S/S being the only person on the Nub side (Nub indicates the Tight End is attached to the lineman instead of split out wide. Also why in the play call its indicated Nub to go opposite the trips call when normally TE goes with it)

The numbers are great to run the ball because the Qb can account for the End man with the read.

Because of Man coverage on the TE free release, the Strong Safety (S/S) needs to account for him like it was a pass. He is probably responsible for contain on this play and work off the block but is scared of old man Witten near the endzone.

All the linebackers come up and meet their blockers. O Line did a good job of moving the LOS from the 11 to the 9 and put DL into the laps of the backers. By coming up and have the DL in their laps there is no way to utilize the 2nd level (DL is first level of defense, LBs are second, and Safeties are 3rd) to their advantage to run over the top to get Dak.

Because everyone is keyed on Zeke and the run game so much the F/S takes a bad step forward to try and help stop the run. Be more patient and focus on keeping them out the end zone.

Something that is unique about the Pistol (Shotgun snap with RB directly behind, also QB heels at 4 yards from center instead of 5) is that you can run stronger double teams on the offensive line. You can run Iso or gap type combinations against DL instead of lateral which stresses the line backers more. You are more likely to put your DL into the lap of the Backer this way

Also if the RB had been given the ball he is reading the SAM. If the same were to cut inside (he does here, he bounces outside the double team. If he goes outside to take care of the QB action he stays inside.

DT does a good job to take care of double (gets pushed too far) and holds onto both lineman. The SAM comes free and has a chance to make a play. Would have been great had it been given but he should know that if the end crashes he has to replace. In the next slide picture you wills see why he might not have needed to have contain for the QB keeper.

Saw this from watching tactic from watching a video breakdown Belichick did: Belichick Chalk Talk vs Houston

They identified that 2 players from the other team were talking to each other after a specific play. Understand that ALL teams will work on adapting to what the offense has shown in game during that game. This can be why 3rd quarters can feel like they drag on because defense has often adapted to the week long gameplan the offense input. Here i think the Sam is telling the safety that he has contain and the safety is nodding ya ya in response.


I hope you like this bonus one and let me know if this format works better for you all. I know some people hate imgur but I am just getting started right now and it makes pushing out content easy. Let me know any questions and advice or things you want more in depth discussion about. Here is the imgur album if you want to check it out that way 12 Front Arc Album

Cool Play of the Week (4): Pass 96 Split Zone Fake Reverse Left X Post U Sail Marvin Hall TD + Pass 96 Split Zone Fake Reverse Right Bengal Jarvis Landry TD vs Falcons

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Pass 96 Split Zone Fake Reverse Left X post U Sail Marvin Hall TD + Pass 96 Split Zone Fake Reverse Right Bengal Jarvis Landry TD vs Falcons 

I hope you are enjoying this series. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to change in the future or if there is a specific play you would like to see get a similar breakdown. (Also title is funny because it will delete it if I say what route the X is running. I am now scared to write it here lol…Post)

I chose this breakdown for multiple reasons. Early in my football life (playing madden and middle school ball) I never really liked this reverse motion. The line could never really hold up for how long it took for the play to develop and the QB would get blasted before he could release the ball. I grew to love it in college as a way to keep teams honest and catch players out of position, as well as get to use a speed guy possibly off the bench to show a unique look the other team would have to specifically prepare for (i.e. spending time in practice on multiple POSSIBLE plays we may run if a certain player is in). But I really grew to love it when we incorporated the Bengal concept at the end. I love the meta-game in football and think only a few things can come close to the adaptation and this is one of the coolest ways to see it.

I also noticed that teams are running this

Pass 96 Split Zone Fake Reverse Left X post U Sail Marvin Hall TD + Pass 96 Split Zone Fake Reverse Right Bengal Jarvis Landry TD vs Falcons

Lots of teams are running this Fake Reverse motion on both run plays and pass plays. Lots of teams are running bunch (3 wrs stacked..often next to the offensive line) or just close formations. This makes the distance covered no that bad for a wr to complete the fake. Teams run this fake with the purpose of holding the safety and catching defensive backs with their eyes in the backfield.

This play is designed to get Marvin Hall, WR near the bottom of the picture, a 1:1 matchup with the DB. The falcons will use the reverse motion, 96 zone action by the line, and the split block backside by the TE all with the focus of trying to get the circled safeties eyes in the backfield. Once he is held then it can give Marvin Hall the opportunity to use his speed. Also the TE on the near side will run a Sail route which is a Deep Out. This is to get the near safety’s attention as well.

The action works. The Safety they are trying to hold takes 2 steps up chasing the reverse. He cant recover and help over the top.

Marvin hall has inside leverage and its a foot race. He ran a 4.28 at his pro-day and has the speed to beat nearly anyone on this route. Looking at the next picture you can see how he is able to eat up yards on his corner

This is a perfectly executed play. The Safety got caught peeking into the backfield on motion that is often just window dressing. It is very rare that the ball is handed off on this deep reverse action especially with this 96 zone action by the line. With that being said this is week 6 and as the meta-game develops over the season im sure more teams will be handing this ball off to the reverse. There are other wrinkles that people can add on and they happened in this very game! One of my favorite college plays ever is next

This is the original play I wanted to diagram. It just goes so much better as a second play to showcase what the original motion looks like. After seeing the end around reverse motion across the league and even in this very game the Dolphins run a super cool play that layers on top of what the whole league is doing.

Formationally the Dolphins are able to showcase they have a man coverage in Slot (the 2 WRs to the left of the formation). Instead of putting a Will over the top or rotating the safeties down to the receivers the Falcons go Corners Over (both corners on 1 side of the ball). The dolphins will run a fake end around reverse but have tagged it with a BENGAL call (this is what my team called it because we stole it from the Bengals…shout outs to my buddy who reminded me). This Bengal Call tells the Reverse motion to pivot and run back to where he was. The hope is that the man in motion will lose you in the all the junk and assume you are running the end around.

On the motion you can see the corners switch. He is even waving to the free safety that they could possibly switch again once the ball is snapped to have him come down on Landry. there is lots of waving and communication.

Landry pivots and is wide open. Corner over is trying to come back but is way too out of position. The corner that is covering the other WR on the over. The space Landry original vacated is wide open.

The unique split blocking scheme gives a flow to the right by the line but lets QB the opportunity to set up on a spot. The split TE that comes back across the formation is the key block as he is 1:1 with the edge rusher.

The play is a win before the ball is even snapped when they identify man coverage by defense. Any time you can make the game that involves 22 people a game of 1:1 it should be a win for the offense

Here are some other plays of this motion that I noticed just from watching RedZone on Sunday. The NFL is taking a liking to it and you can definitely see why. Now that the Bengal route is on film IDK how many teams can get away with it.


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