Cool Play of the Week (10): Green Right Tight 96 Force Kill 97 Force Kenyan Drake 66yd TD – Oh Coacher!

Cool Play of the Week (10): Green Right Tight 96 Force Kill 97 Force Kenyan Drake 66yd TD

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Green Right Tight 96 Force Kill 97 Force Kenyan Drake 66yd TD


-Symmetrical formation and OTTO/KILL play to Corner/Under structure

-Sort and sift front side with DE crashing down pre-snap

-Great job getting to second level

-Kenyan Drake is fast

TV Copy

Kenyan Drake TV Copy 66 yd TD As always lets start with the TV copy. Its 3rd and 1 and Miami subs in an extra OL to play TE. MIA sets him to the right and that’s where Carolina sets the strength. The formation is near symmetrical aside from the WR out wide and the ball is in the middle of the field. Carolina could have set the strength towards the true TE but they chose not to as you often have teams run at their extra lineman instead of away.

Also lots of teams run ISO or GAP concepts on short yardage. Teams don’t often run outsize zone (Force with a leading fullback) on short yardage but MIA had a good plan. They knew either how CAR would line up to extra OL or they must have known they like to keep the F/S back and bring the C on the ball, don’t care who it is they are typically a worse defender.

All this gives way to one of my favorite things a QB can do when they have a symmetrical formation They can OTTO (opposite) or KILL the play to the other side. I did Kill here because that is what my team did at the end is always having 3 plays,. Some teams can have an OTTO check (OMAHA! OMAHA!) and just flip the play before the count. Let’s dive into an important factor.

Re-Miking the point

Re-Miking the Point One of the unique things about Killing or OTTO a play to the other side is it changes the defense without the defenders changing spots. It is then on the line to denote who the new players are. The job often falls on the Center to identify who the new MIKE is. Once the MIKE is set (the middle of the defense) people can go “Oh, 59 is 1 player minus the MIKE point (away from the strength), he’s the WILL and my combination is to him.” The other side gets trickier because now the TE needs to recognized that since the MIKE point is now 58, the Corner on the end of the LOS is now a SAM backer.

The defense has changed from a 55 (first 5 denotes OVER structure by DL, second 5 denotes SAM on LOS) to a 25 Corners Over (2 denotes UNDER structure by DL). Blocking assignments are different so knowing what the new structure of the defense is, and how they are going to define it is important.

Green=RB+FB in line behind QB

Right=Tells Y to go on line strong

Tight=Tells U to be in line on teh backside

9=which player is getting the ball, the RB is in the 9 position

6/7=which hole the play is hittingForce=Outside zone concept with a FB leading the way

*Over means there is a 3 technique strong

*Under means there is a NG strong

Sideline Angle

97 Force was a day 3 install for us. We did not live in outside zone like some other teams but its a basic concept. Everyone has a target of the outside playside shoulder-pad of the defender. OL take flat footwork and try to gain ground lateral to stretch the DL. DL have a gap to maintain so they don’t get chewed out by their coaches, OL can use that against them and have them run to widen the hole.

CAR was expecting some down hill running and you can see that with how tight the backers were and how down hill they run. From the SL angle you can see that the MIA OL didnt get that much movement but they were able to hit some targets playside and stop Keuchly enough backside to get up throw the second level.

Also i had to rewatch this angle like 10 times to see where the deep safety was.His is standing right abve the F in 97 Force. Wild to have him so far back when Landry averages a catch of under 5 yards. If they were gonna throw to him it would be way closer. Id rather center him up more and bring him closer to the box, not set him up at 20 yards.

EZ Pre-Snap

Here you can see Cutler KILL/OTTO the play. looks back at the backs to make sure they got it too. He sees why run outside at teh 3 tech, and at their SAM when we can run at their corner and a low shade. He gets em too with the DE jumping down.

Front side you see the DE crash down into a 3 technique. He is probably doing this to limit double teams playside or more likely make it a really hard block on the LT if they ran 96 Power, he would be able to shoot the game well.
Once the DE crashes down the LT makes a WAX call. This means everyone front side take proper zone footwork and let the slant come to you. Watch teh LT take his steps still keep square and then get up to the backer. Stay on Zone track because something may come to the OL.

LG gets away with some stuff here. He needs to have a better target and shoot his head across once the 3 declares himself a B-gap player. needs to be more gap sound. RG is a big boy. But he moves well, look at his first few steps tracking up on an angle. All he has to do is stall the best 2nd level defender in the league for a 2 count…sounds easy enough right. Well he gets on him and locks him down enough to spring a TD. Great job by him.

EZ End of Play

Great end to the play. You see the follow the FB and then use his eyes and ability to hit the whole north and south. He then shows why they didn’t need Ajayi and what he can do to be a game changer.

Really enjoyed this play from an anemic MIA offense. This was schemed up well, ran well by 10 of the players on the field, and then rolled the dice on a hold front side. And that is why watching football is so beautiful and agonizing, you never know who, what , or where it is gonna happen


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