Cool Play of the Week (13): Big West Right 96 Power King HB Reverse Left Derrick Henry 75yd TD – Oh Coacher!

Cool Play of the Week (13): Big West Right 96 Power King HB Reverse Left Derrick Henry 75yd TD

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Big West Right 96 Power King HB Reverse Left

I am back after a week hiatus. The past week at work was big for me and a lot of the tools I have learned making these cut ups have helped me progress there and my big project showed it. Here is another post about the Titans. I am not a huge fan of theirs, I do not go into watching redzone being like hell ya I gotta see what the “run the ball run the ball pass short punt the ball repeat” Titans are doing but they do have awesome ways to get to their players the chance to succeed. I hope you like the post and let me know if there is anything you want to see in the coming weeks.


-1 play to win the game, GL personnel on both sides

-Use previous games as a way to prime your opponent

-Fake power reverse it left to take advantage of Bear formation


TV Copy

Pre Snap Diagram

Hi All, I am back and changing up the order this time.

Let’s set the stage. Score is 17-13 Titans. It’s 3rd and 5 with converting the first down sealing the win. The Flaming Thumbtacks line up in one of their favorite formations¬†Big West RT.

Big=3 TE (the Y is an extra offensive lineman)

West=Y+U on same side (with Big tag so is V…If it was West RT Tight, V would go to the backside and it would be normal west)

RT=Formation is to the Right

The stage is set, now we can dive into the interesting part.

This formation is nearly identical to another play the Titans ran to end a game

Cool Play of the Week: Big West Left 97 Power King Derrick Henry 72yd TD Titans vs Colts Week 6

. In week 6 the Titans ran a similar formation and ran Power King. They know the Texans have been watching film and definitely watched the colts game on both sides of the ball. Using this knowledge the Titans dial up trick play to take advantage of the marathon that is the NFL Season.

96 Power King HB Reverse Left

9=Play is directed from the 9 spot (where the rb lines up)

6=The gap the ball is going (this situation its a fake so it speaks to the guys up front)

Power=Gap scheme play where the F has man on line of scrimmage and the guard pulls for the MIKE (in this formation V is the F

King=Power from a West formation. U gives the ability to have 1 more double team play side.

HB=OOOOOH! and added tag! we doing something fun and it involves the HB (RB is how i typically write it)

Reverse= Ok we got a lot here lets separate it out…

RB to counter step to the playside then fake out the backside for a pitch.

QB Reverses out (normal ball handling for power) then pivot to quick pitch

LT Fake out the 3 and track to the WILL

C “Bad” block back on the 3 and then work up to the MIKE

Left=Direction the reverse is going. Sometimes you can drop this tag because reverse means the ball is going the other way from the original play

The play is meant to, like some of the other plays I have broken down, turn the game into a 1:1 matchup. The DE (in BEAR) is in a tough spot as he is going to try and make a big play to get the ball back for 1 play, DH is a big back, but he gets caught upfield and DH has the speed to get outside

Sideline Gif

In this gif you can see how the center and the LT are able to track up to the backers. to create that easy path for DH to run through. By putting the 3 TEs to one side you also get the Strong Safety down in the box strong. The colts made the mistake of putting the safety over the X and taking this option away, now the Titans counter punch that by hitting the reverse.

The OL isn’t super concerned about giving up penetration up front (which normally kills teh gap scheme) they are more concerned about getting positioning on the upfield shoulder and blocking off the defenders path the interrupt DH. Remember this is only to get 5 yards right now and win the game

EZ Diagram

EZ gives a better view of the defense. Much like the Colts going into a GL 4-4 the Texans also get into a GL formation but this is a variation on the BEAR defense. Subbing in a DL for a DB to get more beef on the field to counter the beef the Titans brought on they can form a Bear defense.

Bear is often defined as a defense when the interior offensive lineman are all covered by defensive lineman. This eliminates a lot of double teams and lets the LBS to often come free. It is the defenses way of making the game about 1:1 matchups by trying to put your bigs 1:1 with the bigs upfront. The Issue i often find is at the second level you don’t have enough people to capture the edges. Teams often attack teams a similar way as the reverse here. One way I would suspect to get the same kind of effect is to run Speed Option Left and pitch directly off the open side stand up DE. The tackle angle is so good on the Will it would still be easy to get to him.

But back to the reverse. Here the Backers shit over the the 3TE trips side. The DL stays the same, sometimes teams will New center an extra OL as a TE (New center means that the RG would be labled the center as he would be teh new “center” of the offense….heavy formations are where you will see this the most). The shift gives the LT and the Center great angles to get up to the backer.

The center has a unique block. I really enjoyed this one when I played (maybe because I wasn’t the best at the normal back block haha) but this gave me the ability to play in space. You block back but let the 3Tech think he beats you inside. Then you run to get width before going track to the backer to make the best possible angle.

EZ Start and Mid Play Gif

When the guard pulls he freezes the LBs. To get the 5 yards needed to win all you need is that little freeze to help teh line get up to the backers. The Y wants to work into the legs of the MIKE and make him hesitate as well.

Watch the first steps of the 3Tech the Center blocks back on and the DE to Left as well. They step towards the strength of the play. My assumption is they either had a “Pirate” call on (slant down…normally only happens from the boundary not to the boundary..) OR something cooler which is the O-Line all making dummy calls. If you run power enough the DL is going to learn your calls. They don’t want to take that punishment without preparing for it. So I think he steps into the block expecting to blow it up and the center hits him with the Okie-doke and gets up to the backer clean. The 3tech (maybe jj could have) won’t make the play at all so you don’t worry about him really.

You can also see the DE getting upfield extremely fast. He is ready to blow it up and save the day. No inclination that there will be a misdirection run at him. If he hesitates a little bit he may be able to make the play.

End Play EZ

The game has been won but DH love him some fantasy points. Also it’s this part of his game that is most impressive and he needs to show out. For a guy who is 6’3 240 he is at his best getting a full head of steam on the edge. He isn’t as good in the tackles IMO and can get ankle tackled easily. But when you get this guy on the edge he has track speed and is scary to try and take down.

Also check out the WR backing a huge block. Again he doesnt need this to get a TD, they just need 5 yards. But he does his ass off to block through the whole play and help his boy go get some fantasy owners in the greater Mobile area some fantasy wins


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